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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter's My Favorite!

Happy Easter everyone! Did you go egg hunting this morning? :) Well, I have a special treat for you if you didn't (if you did, then double goodness for you!). I have eleven new items in my Etsy shop 

I finally got around to making iPhone and iPod Touch cases, as well as eReader cases and some new wallet clutches. I experimented a little with the dimensions and eventually got it right!

The iPhone and iPod Touch cases fit my iPhone 3GS perfectly, so they will fit both the new iPhone 4 and the original iPod Touch. My next little project will be for the iPod nano... Want an iPod nano case now? Let me know, I'll make you one! :)

These wallet clutches hold money, cellphones, business cards, your grocery list, ETC! It works as a clutch (so you can carry it around instead of a purse if you want something light), or as a wallet (drop it in your purse, voila you've got a stylish money holder!).

A little feature I love about these wallet clutches -- maybe I'm the only one who cares about this -- is how it keeps your money perfectly straight and wrinkle free! I hate handing over a crumpled bill to a cashier. Much prettier when it's nice and straight. :)

And finally are the eReader cases. I made them to fit the Kobo Wireless eReader and Kindle 3 eReader, as those are the ones I thought most people might have. However, I can easily make ones for different sized eReaders. (...send me a message ;)

Again, check out my Etsy shop to see all of the items! Remember to eat your chocolate responsibly! :)

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