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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review 1: The Pleated Tote by Ellen of The Long Thread

Tote in this photo created by Stephanie of Sew Cozy

Hello hello! Well, I'm feeling a little tired but quite satisfied with the results of the tutorial for my first review! Click here to see the full tutorial.

Creator: Ellen Luckett Baker of The Long Thread

Timeline: Approximately 2.5 hours

Estimated cost: 15$
1 yard cotton print: 2.50$ at Mardens - Outer fabric
1 yard Pellon Fusible Fleece: 6.98$ (was 8.98$/yd when I bought it) at - Interfacing
1/2 yard Pure Cotton Sheeting A105: 1.80$ (4.49$/m) for members at Fabricville (8.99$ for non-members) - Lining

Difficulty level: Beginner sewer with some experience. Should be able to box the bottom corners of a bag and apply fusible interfacing. (If you don't know how, that's OK! Fusible interfacing usually come with instructions on how to apply the specific brand, and there are plenty of guides out there for boxing corners such as this pdf guide or this tutorial by Pink Penguin (the one I learned from).

First off I would like that say that I really appreciated the simplicity of this tutorial. Ten steps made the tutorial much easier to digest than some of the thirty picture DIY's out there! However, I did find that picture A for step 6 that shows how to box the corners of the bag was a little confusing at first glance. If you've never boxed a bag before, this step might be a little confusing (which is why I included a link above to a more detailed guide).

On another note, I would have liked for the tutorial to include a closure for the tote. The tote is really quite big and I can image all of the items I'll be able to fill it with, so I think it would be best to add a closure such as a magnetic snap. Actually, I just got inspired by one of my totes that I bought at Target two years ago. Instead of a boring old closure no one can see, the Target tote has two long thick braided strings that can be tied together to close the tote. This is especially practical because the two sides of the tote don't have to be touching, which gives you the option to fill it even more!

Lastly, I think the this tote might look really cute with brown leather handles. Something to consider next time I make this tutorial!

That's all for today! I hope the review was a little helpful and that it might have inspired you to bring out your own sewing machine to get started on this lovely tutorial from The Long Thread! :)

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