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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review 7: Fringe Triangle Garland by Natalie of Mint Love Social Club

Garland in this photo made by Stephanie of Sew Cozy

I'm in love! These garlands are my new favorite thing. Simple, yet festive, these fringe garlands will definitely liven any place up! Click here to see the full tutorial.

Creator: Natalie of Mint Love Social Club

Timeline: 40 minutes

Estimated cost (for the garland in these photos): ~5.50$
*NOTE: I altered the dimensions of the tutorial so that I could hang the garland up in my room or kitchen. As such, only half the fabric was needed (I cut rectangles of 12'' by 14'' instead of the 24'' by 28'' used in the original tutorial). The garland I made is a total of 10 feet (3 meters) long. Also, I used 1.5'' wide ribbon that I folded in half at the top instead of sewing together two strips of a narrower ribbon.

2 yards cotton solids in two tones: 2.26$ (1.13$/yd) at FabricVille - Fringe triangles
1 pack (3 sheets total) of 11 sq.ft. double-side metallic wrap: 1.13$ at DollarStore - Metallic fringe triangles
3m of ribbon: 2$ at Wal-Mart - Ribbon at top

Difficulty level: Beginner sewer. VERY easy. Doesn't have to be cut exactly straight and if you can sew a straight line, you can do this tutorial!

This tutorial was easy peasy! I definitely recommend you try it out to decorate your house for this Valantine's Day! It was no problem to shrink the size of the triangles in half so that I could hang it in a smaller room (the original garland was hung up outside).

I'm only wondering if just one layer of fabric could have been used for the triangles instead of two? That way, two garlands could be made with the amount of fabric I used for my one. I'll have to experiment with my next one.

I'm so excited by this tutorial! I'm planning to make some green garlands for St Patrick's day, cute pastel color ones for Easter, maybe red and white ones for the Olympics... The possibilities are endless! :D ...I might be a little too excited. But these simple garlands can really add that special touch to a room to put everyone in the holiday spirit, whatever holiday that may be!

Want to try it out for yourself? Go to Mint Love Social Club for the full tutorial (you won't regret it!).


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