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Monday, May 30, 2016

Catan Themed Quilt

I'm proud to say I just finished my first quilt ever! :) I started with the idea in January and finished at the end of May. This includes drafting the pattern, cutting and sewing the fabric into blocks and learning how to free-motion machine quilt!

The theme of the quilt is Settlers of Catan (the board game). One thing I’ve realized in the last year is that most people are in the Catan closet. Whenever someone hears that my friends and I play Catan pretty often, they get excited and talk about how much they love the game too. In honor of our countless hours spent trading sheep and pissing off our friends (we take our Catan seriously), I decided to dedicate a quilt to the table-top game.

I started out by sketching a few different design options, and settled on doing blocks of each resource from the game (wood, wheat, brick, rock [ore] and “mouton” [sheep/wool]). From trial and error, I learned a few pattern piecing design rules to simplify the process. In the finished quilt, you can see my learning curve from one block to the next. In a way, I embraced the imperfections and I think that adds some charm to the overall look.

I had a lot of fun learning how to machine quilt. I practiced some different free-motion quilting on scrap quilt sandwiches before attacking the real quilt. I ended up going with a stippling stitch, which I read is a good beginner stitch. I love the idea that each quilter's stipple is like a thumbprint: you develop your own style over time.

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